Ibis Information System Pty. Ltd. has a centralised helpdesk and support system to enable us to respond to your support needs more effectively. We will record details of your support issue and the steps taken to resolve it.

Ibis will endeavour to address problems identified as support issues defined within this document. However, if an item is deemed to be outside of this support policy, it will be chargeable on a time and material basis. Ibis support currently operates within business hours, whenever you have a problem covered by the support policy, you can request assistance by email;

Email: support@ibisinfosys.com.au

What is covered under support?

  • Data issue caused by the system and not user error.
  • Data issues caused by a bug in the system.
  • User guidance (usually duration under 20 mins).

What is not covered under support?

  • Data issues caused by incorrect use of the system, regardless of the availability of protective mechanisms in the system.
  • Data issues caused by anything other than bugs in the system.
  • Problems caused by changes in the user environment.
  • Requested changes (enhancements) to the behaviour of the system (including legislative).
  • Ibis providing client training over the phone (If it takes more than 30 mins to show clients how to use the system, clients need to request formal training).

Support procedure

  1. Issues must be sent through support email.
  2. The issue will be recorded in Ibis issue tracking system and allocated an issue number.
  3. The customer will be notified of the issue number within 2 hours.
  4. The customer will be notified of the severity, type within 4 hours.
  5. The customer can then follow-up the issue with help desk quoting the issue number.
  6. We will do an initial investigation into the issue, however, if Ibis determines that the issue is outside the support policy, at our discretion the customer will be charged on a time and material basis to fully resolve the issue.


  • A Critical system is unusable for all uses, or The issues are preventing the whole organisation from operating.
  • A Major issue is unusable for more than one user, or Serious problem having a negative impact on business operation, or Issue resolution is time-critical.
  • A Moderate issue is unusable for only one user, or Issue effects 1 module within system Issue resolution is time-critical.
  • A Minor, the issue has a work-around which is realistic to use any other issue.