Ibis Payroll Manager

Ibis Payroll Manager

Because time is money

Payroll Manager was developed specifically to assist Local Government and Government Authorities in the management of their Payroll operations. As a Local Government and Government focused application it provides options from producing automatic pays typically for Indoor staff through to detailed timesheet input to record all transactions for outdoor staff including the capturing of plant costs.

Council Challenges

  • Multiple Costing’s either as standard or via timesheet entry per employees
  • Capturing of user defined Oncost parameters
  • Flexible solution to cater of Local Work Area Agreements
  • Capturing of Plant Cost
  • Accessing detailed costing reports quickly and easily
  • Flexible Leave Entitlement Calculations

Application Outputs

  • Detailed Costing reports incorporating:
    On costs
  • Leave Accrual and entitlements reports
  • Superannuation guarantees and defined benefits reports
  • Super Choice reporting
  • Organisational Charts
  • Graphical output by:
    Leave types
    Timesheet Codes
  • Showing hours and earnings


Ibis Payroll Manager provides the following core functionality:

  • Employee Master file detail
  • Multiple Positions per employee
  • Deductions and Allowances Management including:
    effective dates
    target amounts
    integration into:
    general ledger
    accounts payable
    property systems
    debtor systems
  • Full Leave Accrual and Entitlement Management,including RDO/ADO and Time off in Lieu
  • Full Plant Costing
  • Multiple user defined Oncosts
  • Salary Packaging
  • Super Choice compliant
  • Simplified input for timesheet entry
  • Timesheet entry by exception for standard pay employees
  • Multiple default cost accounts for employees
  • Multiple EFT Bank accounts for employees
  • Standard and Ad Hoc Reporting
  • Extensive Search Facility
  • Online Payment History


The following are just some of the Benefits Ibis Payroll Manager provides:

  • Comprehensive and flexible system
  • Easy to setup and administer:
  • Template settings flow through the creation of employees
    Award scales and Leave types
    Multiple user defined OnCost parameters
    Multiple user defined Leave types
  • Automatic tax calculations for:
    salary sacrifice
    HECS and SFSS.
  • Full maintenance access to look-up tables
  • Quick and easy data input functionality
    e.g. timesheet entry
  • Multi-level user defined security
  • Automatic creation of pay runs
  • Ability to amend pay runs and timesheet entry ‘on the fly’
  • Automatic Leave Accrual and entitlement calculation

Microsoft Built

Ibis Payroll manager is a true Microsoft Windows based application that’s intuitive, menu driven, easy to use and written in the latest Windows technology operating on SQL server.

Online Help

Online Help facility enables you to easily get answers to questions, it is a living document, which is updated as new functionality is added to Payroll Manager.

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