Ibis Rates Modelling

Valuation analysis & revenue forecasting

Valuation Analysis allows Council to understand the underlying movements in valuations after each revaluation. Councillors are able to understand the effects that new or adopted valuations will have before they do any revenue Modelling. It allows the council to see the effects by Classification, sub market Groups, wards, townships and locality.

Rate Modelling functionality gives the ability to review unlimited model options. It provides an easy way to help new councillors to understand previous rating issues and, based on sound data enables them to quickly determine the best rating options for the Council.

Council Challenges

Challenges facing Council’s today

  • Determination of Revenue income
  • Forecast impact on rate payers
  • Concerns with data integrity
  • Enormous effort to extract data
  • Rely heavily on information from valuers
  • Onerous task to trial different scenarios

Application Outputs

Applications outputs enable Council to view

  • Consolidation of different model scenarios
  • The results graphically on GIS
  • Snap shot analysis of each model for review
  • Extensive graphs and reporting in all summary screens
  • Generate property lists for mail merge, GIS & Excel


Valuation Analysis & Revenue Forecast modelling enables the council to:

  • Produce multiple scenarios and compare them side by side
  • Compare different options at the global level or for selected sample groups
  • Understand where the hot spots are, so they can quickly focus on them using the drill down functionability of the model Make decisions on such things as rebates, discounts, pensioners and municipal charges
  • Enable Council to maximise revenue opportunities, whilst endeavouring to minimise the negative impacts
  • Powerful analytical features that are simple to use and enables drill down to assessment level
  • Enormous time savings
  • Control of analysis & forecasting
  • Confidence in Data integrity
  • Data cleansing
  • Maximise revenue opportunities
  • Avoid potential disasters
  • Community enlightenment

Our solution

The VARF System facilitates

  • Unlimited multiple models, property analysis codes and charge options
  • Multiple rate calculation options
  • Automatic differential calculations
  • Two dimensional customised $ and % range
  • Analysis options for both rates and valuations
  • Unlimited adjustments & capping
  • Unlimited minimum charge & discounts
  • Rebate analysis
  • Multi tiered rating
  • Valuation averaging

The product is now implemented in most states in Australia which has contributed further to the functionality and flexibility of the system and it is used by Council’s ranging from 200,000 assessments to under 5,000 assessments