Ibis Rating Manager

Providing modern revenue management

Ibis Rating Manager provides the property and billing information management component for any municipal body. The software provides a true Windows based solution with an intuitive, user-friendly interface. It provides functionality that is consistent with Local Government experience and day-to-day practices, a robust, scalable solution based on SQL Server database technology. All main inquiry screens have sub displays for related information available with a single mouse click and multi tasking allows multiple inquiries to be running at any one time.

Business Technology:

Ibis Rating Manager is founded on sound business practices and premier computer technology. Utilising the Microsoft SQL engine enables the powerful foundation to providing quality solutions. It is able to be Integrated with a number of popular accounting solutions or with ibis’s own Financial Management Software and provides local government complete property and financial solutions.

Designed to put customer information first and place easily understood financial information in the hands of managers who make the day-to day decisions. The IBIS Rating Manager has a custom user interface with the ability to integrate with a number of other software systems. It is supplied to you by experienced people who have been involved with and know local government.


Ibis Rating Manager provides the following functionality:

  • Rating Management
  • Property Management
  • Accounts Payable
  • On-line Receipting
  • Voters’ Role Management
  • Animal Control
  • Valuations
  • Special Charge Schemes
  • Land Information Certificates
  • Building Permit Module
  • Planning Permit Module
  • Infringements
  • Direct Debit Module


Benefits Offered by the Ibis solution

  • Instant user friendly interface
  • Deliver quality services to your customer
  • Improves management control
  • Flexible growth path
  • Genuine windows product
  • Reduces IT costs
  • Users have input to development priorities
  • Single point of data entry
  • Easy to learn
  • Functionality consistent with day to day business practices
  • Increased end user productivity

Hazard Notices

This module enables the production of customised hazard notices such as fire prevention notices and noxious weed notices (in fact the module can be used for any type of notice or form letter that needs to access the property and client information stored in Ibis Rating Manager).

Electronic Payment of Animal Registration Receipts

This module enables animal tags to be sent out with the animal registration renewal notices. This in turn enables payment of animal registration renewal notices via Bpay and other electronic payment mediums as long as no changes to the registered animals are required.

In summary, Ibis Rating Manager provides:

  • A Windows based solution
  • An intuitive user friendly interface
  • Functionality that is consistent with Local
  • Government experience and day to day practices
  • A robust, scalable solution based on SQL Server database technology with the number of users only limited by the configuration of the underlying hardware.