SOLGM Funding and Rating Forum 2017

Monday the 9th & Tuesday the 10th of October 2017

The SOLGM Funding and Rating Forum 2017 is for those who work in, or need to know about, the mission critical field of funding and rating. As always, the Forum is an exciting blend of theoretical and practical presentations that mix the policy and practice of funding and rating.

This year, we showcase the key points from the upcoming SOLGM guidance on conducting an effective rating review. The value of this guidance and session will be felt about half an hour into your next review (around the time that you get the first of many proposals for a ‘fairer’ rating system).

We’ll look at the changes to the law around the rating and valuation of Māori land that will affect every local authority in the country. We’ll cover off the fundamentals – who, what, how much and by when.

We’ll explore the vexed issue of rating commercial accommodation providers, be they as big as the Hilton or as small as Joe’s Bed and Breakfast. There’ll be some learning from the experiences of those who are doing it and those who are attempting to do it.

We’ve been looking at local authorities use of fixed rates and we’ll have some interesting findings to share.

And, as always, there’s the usual updates on legal issues, valuation issues and SOLGM matters.

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