In accordance with project guidelines, Townsville City Council procured the services of Ibis Information Systems through a formal tender process for the supply of a specific rate modelling solution, data cleansing software and software support services.

Ibis Information Systems were considered amongst other separate rate modelling software providers across Australia and were successfully awarded the contract and Townsville City Council has been using the product successfully for the past three years.

Pricing, relevant experience, demonstrated understanding and key personnel skill were the main criteria considered at the time the software and support service was selected. Ibis Information Systems were able to clearly and confidently provide excellent responses and demonstrations of their professional software, rate and water modelling, data cleansing and support services.

Once selected, the implementation was via a number of seamless ‘on site’ and remote workshops and was a successful, efficient and well managed implementation.

The annual training workshops and individual ‘on site’ support has been exceptional.
After our most recent ‘on site’ personalised training and consulting service earlier this year, the following email was forwarded to Ibis Information Systems in thanks for their excellent service.

“…our staff worked with Jordan over three days and I am really thrilled that we were able to achieve what we did. Jordan was really fantastic. In the three days we achieved what would have taken at least one whole month to do on our own. It has saved us an enormous amount of time, anxiety and worry with regard to setting up a balanced and base model, we thoroughly analysed our property and valuation data for some housekeeping/data cleansing purposes and also learned some amazing quick tips and tricks that Jordan has passed on throughout the time he was here. We are really well on our way now to having a confident place to continue modelling our 15/16 revenue, which is about 6 weeks ahead of where we were this time last year.

With respect to Jordan – please pass on our gratitude and thanks. His professionalism, skill, technical knowledge and advice / support are a credit to your organisation and of course, to himself. He is an asset to your team and a leader in his field.”

We look forward to continuing to work with Ibis Information Systems into the future for our rate modelling software and data cleansing solutions.
Yours faithfully

Sonia Bingley
Revenue Coordinator