Implementation of Ibis Rate Modelling Solution
I refer to our recent implementation of the Ibis Rate Modelling Solution and am happy to provide positive feedback that we have found the solution to be very beneficial to us in providing ready access to multiple different rating scenarios.

With regard to the setup and training, I would like to commend your Systems Implementation & Support Consultant, Mr Jordan Hughes on the implementation and training that was provided to Council staff. Mr Hughes has an excellent manner and ensured that all staff involved with the training were comfortable with the configuration parameters required to run different modelling scenarios.

Since the completion of the training, Council staff have used the modelling solution on their own and have been able to prepare models with the knowledge gained in the implementation training. If any questions have arisen, these have been referred to Ibis and have been answered in a prompt and efficient manner.

We would be happy to be used as a reference for any organisations that may be considering your rate modelling solution and who wanted to speak to someone that has recently gone through the implementation process and system training.

Thank you again for your assistance with the implementation and accommodating our tight implementation timeframes.

Yours faithfully

Greg Byrne
Manager Financial Operations